About Me

I am a figurative artist born in Hackney, East London and studied art at college, but classify myself as a self-taught artist, as I have continued my development by attending workshops and tutorials.

In recent years, I have created artwork for numerous clients – from private art collectors to executives in both public and private sectors, as well as being commissioned to create artwork for events held at BAFTA and also exclusively for film set. My love of figurative paintings and attraction to bold colours was influenced by the likes of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, portrait artist Jonathan Yeo and even my own mother, who I describe as being my first art teacher at the early age of 5 years old.

You will see from my work, that I like to capture the contrasts of light and dark, sometimes the untouched surface of canvas to reflect the unfinished story of my subject or show the brushstrokes in my painting to remind the viewer of its beauty or depth. To take the viewer on a journey of discovery evoking passions of drama through my in-depth interpretation of life.

Please take a look at my original and commissioned work.

Connect with Elicia on Twitter @Eliciajmckenzie / Instagram eliciajmckenzie